Prompt and Cost Effective Courier Services

Prices for my Courier Service


The Rates

The rates are extremely competitive and are only charged whilst goods are in transit.

Same / next day / programmed delivery

Same / next day / programmed delivery(Pick-up between 8:30am & 5:30pm)***

Estimate / quote*, based on a rate per mile, available on request (no VAT) **

Overnight / weekend delivery

Overnight / weekend / holiday delivery (out-of-hours)(Pick-up after 5:30pm / delivery before 9.00am following morning & Bank Holidays)

Estimate / quote*, based on a rate per mile, available on request (no VAT) **

Minimum Charge

Minimum charge £25.00


* firm quotes will be given on provision of pick-up and delivery postcodes.

** all quotes / estimates / rates given will exclude tolls, ferry and car parking charges and the like which will be charged separately.

*** collections after 5.00pm with deliveries after 6.00pm will be charged at out-of-hours rate. Ditto collections before 8.30am with deliveries before 9.30am.

If both collection and delivery points are beyond a 25 mile radius of base an additional charge, equal to the "return" rate, from base to collection / delivery point (whichever is the shorter) will be added.

A waiting charge for cumulative delay, over 30 minutes, at any collection or delivery points of £12.50/hr during normal working hours / £15.00 out-of-hours will be charged for the full waiting period. A single delay period between 20 and 30 minutes will be charged at £6.25/£7.50.

(Rates applicable until 1 January 2020 - subject to Brexit)